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on paranoiapp

Paranoiapp is a social-psychology experiment, in a form of a mobile application and an algorithm of users’ interaction.

The project is based on the fear of losing privacy in the contemporary digital world.

You are invited to explore this fear voluntarily,

by joining a community of individuals potentially being followed by everybody themselves.

To do that, the application continuously leaks your geolocation and sends it to another user chosen by the algorithm.

On agreeing to the terms and conditions of Paranoiapp, you are agreeing to being watched — every little change of your location is collected, stored, analysed and sent to other users. You may be the one followed. You cannot know for sure.

To induce fear on a city-wide scale, only one or two people are chosen to be followed. Followers collaborate with each other in a chat, where they can discuss their target.

The first presentation of the project was held at the beginning of June in Moss, Norway as a part of the 8th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, MOMENTUM. During the presentation, participants installed the app, and spread out within the city, moving and following each other. User locations collected by the app were sent in real time to a control base station from which a helicopter was launched to follow and film the participants and many other people scared by the action.

The project is closed due to high maintenance cost.
We apologize for the inconvenience.